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Tone of voice

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Our tone of voice is the unique way in which we speak to travellers, partners and ourselves. It's not just what we say that shapes how people feel about us, it's also how we say it.

Like all voices, it adapts to different situations, content types and audiences, enabling us to communicate with pertinent tone across all applications. To ensure that our tone of voice is on brand, we always keep the traveller in mind, combining our personality's four characteristics

Traveller first


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Core principles

Principle one

Helpful relates to the head

This appeals to the rational part of the traveller, the one that’s looking for answers, certainty and logic. So it’s vital that any information we give satisfies this need.

Principle two

Joyful appeals to the heart

This is the emotional part of us. The part that flutters with joy at the thought of travel. That feels loyalty and connection — and which can be led by our emotions and mood.

Principle Three

Straightforward speaks to the gut

The gut controls a person’s instinct. Our travellers will easily suss out when we’re not being honest or clear. We need to communicate in an open and transparent way or we’ll quickly lose their trust.

Principle four

Bold engages the feet

This is the physical, the part that wants to get out there: the get-up-and-go. It wants to move. Our writing should inspire action in our traveller by giving them a clear sense of what to do next.



Example with positive tone of voice


Example with negative tone of voice